Whole house fan installation

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Whole house fan installation

Los Angeles enjoys the perfect climate for saving energy by using whole house fans instead of air conditioning. Because we have warm days and mild evenings, whole house fans are effective at cooling hot houses once the sun goes down. When we turn on a whole house fan, the hot room air exhausts through the attic and out of the house. Simultaneously, cool air is drawn into the house through open windows or doors. Usually within half an hour room temperature will drop five degrees and will continue to fall towards exterior temperatures. Throughout the night the entire mass of the house will continue to cool. By morning, the air, walls, tile, building materials and house contents will be very cool and will take more energy to heat up. This means your house will stay comfortable throughout the early afternoon. During summer, the house will continue to heat up until sunset at which time you can turn on your whole house fan and start the cooling cycle.

While not as fast or as cold as air conditioning, running a whole house fan in Los Angeles will help keep you more comfortable without spending a fortune on energy and polluting the planet.

Installing a whole house fan requires:

  • Reframe attic
  • Install fan and seal with rubber gaskets and caulking
  • Install fan switch, network cable
  • Patch drywall or plaster
  • Prime and paint

Safety precautions:
Make sure framing is properly completed and that the new whole house fan is properly seated. Use rubber gaskets and caulking to completely seal the fan on the newly framed box. Make sure there is adequate ventilation out of the attic to exhaust hot air. Check that dampers freely move, open and close.

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